How To Sell Products Online From Home

How To Sell Products Online From Home: Beat The Competition

How To Sell Products Online From Home

In this day and age, the laptop lifestyle is becoming more and more popular.  People are learning how to sell products online from home.  Personally, I work very hard, but at the same time I love being able to work from the comfort of my own home and being my own boss.

I never have to deal with jerks bossing me around.  I get to do things my way!

You can sell your goods on some of the big sites like ebay  or etsy if you have your own products to sell but you’ll be facing tons of competition and what if you don’t have your own product to sell.

I’m going to show you the most lucrative way to sell products online from your own website and beat the competition, even if you don’t have a single product or service of your own to sell.

You can take advantage of the same training platform I used to build out my website and get my online business up and rolling.  No, it’s not scary at all once you get in and get started.

You can even get started for free and get a chance to get inside and take a look around.  It will be quick and easy. Once you fill out a profile with an image (it can be of yourself or anything else) and say a few words about yourself, there will be plenty of help and I will also be there to help if you need me.

Building a website is easy and takes only about a minute to install using the WordPress quick install.  The graphic below gives you an idea of how the process of making money online works.

Becoming an online entrepreneur is not nearly as difficult as you may think.  In fact it’s pretty straight forward.  You just need the proper training to get you on a path to success and you can get that training at the same place I did and you can get started for free.

  • Choose an interest/niche
  • Build a website
  • Get targeted traffic
  • Earn money


path to success



What You Will Learn In This Article

  • How to choose a profitable niche
  • How to install your website in less than five minutes
  • How to get targeted traffic to your website
  • How affiliate marketing works
  • How to get started for free


How to Sell Products Online From Home

Choosing A Profitable Niche

In order to sell online you need to start with choosing a niche.  What is a niche?  A niche is a particular area of interest. Without an interest, there is no focus.  In order to understand your audience, you must focus on your interest.

Understanding your audience makes it easier to understand their need, what they are looking for.

Keep your website true to your niche, keep it relevant. Just as an exaggerated example, if your niche is fashion, you wouldn’t want to promote cookware or snack helmets.

You can’t use one website to promote all kinds of products and expect it to be profitable.  It just gets too confusing if you don’t keep everything relevant and your visitor will quickly depart your website.

If you don’t have your own product to sell, you can promote other peoples products from places like Amazon, ShareASale or ClickBank or tons of others,  It’s called affiliate marketing.

How to install your website

You could sell your product or service on one of the big websites like eBay, Etsy or Craigslist but you would be facing a sea of competition that is hard to overcome.

You’d be so much better off to build your own website. That way, you’ll be your own boss and make your own rules. I know, if you haven’t done it before it may sound scary.

Building a website is so easy these days though, you can get it installed in less than a minute using the WordPress quick install. Having your own website gives you full control over your business.

How to get traffic to your website

Now that you have your website up and running, you’re going to need to get traffic  coming to your site if you want to get sales. Now, some people pay to get traffic to their websites.

I don’t recommend buying traffic unless you have a huge budget because you’re probably going to lose that money the first couple of months while you’re testing the waters to see what really works.

There is a way to get traffic and lots of it, all for free with writing content and using keywords. This is the kind of traffic that is targeted to your specific product or service. It’s called organic traffic.

This is the kind of traffic that will grow your business and sustain it over the years. The way you get this traffic is by using specific keywords.

When people have a problem or a need a product they usually go to the search engines like Google, bing or Yahoo and type in a Search. The word or phrase they type into the search engines is called a keyword or keyword phrase.

You then take those keywords or keyword phrases that you find and write your content around that keyword or phrase. 

If you have content on your site with a particular word or phrase, and someone types that into the search engines, if you are on the front page of the search engine you will likely get that traffic or visitor to your website.

There is a tool that  you can used to find the perfect keywords for every subject to help you get traffic to your website. You can get that tool for free when you sign up to use the platform that I’m a part of. It’s the same place where I host my website. We’ll take talk more about this later.

How affiliate marketing works

Affiliate marketing, simply stated, is the process of promoting other people’s or company’s products in exchange for a commission. It’s the art of connecting people with products or services that they are already looking for and this can be an extremely lucrative process.

You write content on your website around your keywords and you add a link to a product or service within that content. When people click on that link and make a purchase, you earn a commission.

There is no additional cost added to the customer so it’s a win-win for everyone involved, the product owner, you the affiliate and the buyer.

Affiliate marketing is my favorite way to make money online. The sky really is the limit to how much money you can make this way. It all depends on how much time and work you want to put into it.

The really great part about this is you can do it from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. That allows you to travel or live anywhere. I am so happy that I can work anywhere I want to be.

Here’s a graphic to show you exactly how it works.


How To Sell Products Online From Home



Everything In A Nutshell

So, if you’re a little bit lost about how to put all this information together, no worries, I’ll show you how.

How to sell products online from home.


Wealthy Affiliate is the platform I recommend. I had tried this process several times before but I had failed miserably. When I discovered wealthy affiliate, which was recommended to me by a friend, it pulled everything together for me.

The fact is I didn’t have a clue what I was doing until I discovered wealthy affiliate. I found all the training that I needed to get me on a path to success.

Click here to check out how wealthy affiliate training Stacks up to some of the other platforms you’ve tried. It’s the best training online. I’ve tried many other platforms and wealthy affiliate is the one I call home.

If you want to become an online entrepreneur and Be Your Own Boss, Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how. You can get started for free. No credit card information needed.

I can’t say enough about what a great product this is. It includes web hosting, free SSL certificate, free keyword research tool, 24/7 support, live chat support, and a community of 1.7 million other members standing by to offer help if you need it, hundreds of lessons plus video tutorials and weekly live seminars and much more.


Do your research for the perfect keywords and then write outstanding content around those keywords to bring targeted, organic traffic to your website.

Getting the right training is the key to your success and to learning how to sell products online from home.  This is the place to learn. Give it a try now. You can get started for free.



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