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How To Increase Traffic For Your Website Free

Have you had problems getting traffic to your website but don’t have a huge budget for buying your traffic.  I can help.  I’ll show you how to create a stream of traffic without spending a dime.  You and I can do this together.

One of the first things you need to do for  your online business is learn how to increase traffic for your website free.  It can mean the difference between making thousands of dollars a month in profit or being flat broke.

Free, organic traffic is specifically targeted to your website which means better conversion rates for you.  This kind of traffic will beat out the traffic that you buy, every single time.  You don’t need to ever spend a dime for traffic if you learn how to increase traffic for your website free.

I’m sure most folks would agree that traffic is one of the most important components to making money with your online business.  This is also one of the hardest things for some to grasp how to do.

I can show you exactly how to increase traffic for your website free in a simple to understand way and you can use this on all your websites and blog post as you go forward.

Using this method, you’ll be able to see how to increase your organic, free traffic, from a trickle to a stream in no time at all.

You’re going to fully understand and grasp the critical value of using the best keywords in your content and how this affects the success of your website.  I’ll also introduce you to a tool that I use to research keywords for S.E.O. later in this article.

How To Increase Traffic For Your Website Free

Have you noticed that when you’re doing searches on Google, the same people seem to always rank at the top of page one in search results all the time.

That’s not a coincidence. some people just know exactly which words to use in their content, to increase traffic to their website. The reason they can do this is that they use a keyword research tool.

This tool will give you a leg up when it comes to getting that free, organic traffic to your website because you’ll get ranked in the top spot on the front page of search engines more often. You can easily see the proof in the pudding because every time you have a post that gets top-ranking you will see an increase in your traffic.

I had no idea of the power of keywords on traffic until I started using them on all my post.


What Are Keywords

Put simply, keyboards are the words or phrases that someone types into the search bar of search engines. The search engine will show the person searching, the most relevant results for that keyword or phrase.

So you can see, the more you stay ranked at or near the top of page one, the better your chances are of getting traffic. I use a tool for finding the best keywords for my content. It’s called Jaaxy and in my opinion, it’s the greatest keyword research tool available online.

This tool allows you to find the best keywords that also have the lowest competition.

What Makes A Keyword Great

  • needs to have some search activity
  • needs some traffic
  • needs to have low competition

Search Average

What this means is the average number of searches for this keyword in the last month.  You want this to be the highest possible number of searches, ideally would be over a hundred


This shows how many visitors you could expect to your website or post if you’re ranked on the front page of Google for your keyword

Low Competition  (QSR)

What this means is the number of websites competing for the same keyword.   You want this to be less than 100.  Personally, I try to keep my QSR under 50. I use what I call a 50/50 rule, which means I want my traffic above 50 and my competition below 50.

jaaxy logo


The Jaaxy keyword research tool will find just the perfect keyword for you using the criteria you are looking for. Using this tool to find a perfect keyword, you’ll be able to consistently bring targeted, organic traffic to your website.   

This is the kind of traffic that converts into Dollars. Jaaxy allows you to save all your great keywords in lists, so don’t lose them , save them. When you’re ready to write an article, you can go to your saved at lists in Jaaxy and choose a topic for your keywords.

That way you’re never at a loss for something to write about. Another thing I like to do is write a keyword title, for each key word on my list, on a page in a notebook. When an idea for that particular key word crosses my mind, I just jot it under that title page.

When I’m ready to write, I already have an idea of what to write about. This will eliminate writer’s block or the struggle for a subject. The results of doing it this way is targeted, organic traffic.  It also makes an article come together a lot faster.

Do you feel confident that you understand how to increase traffic for your website free? It’s all about doing the proper Keyword research  and Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool that you will find anywhere online.

I had never heard of Jaaxy or any other keyword tool for that matter until I joined the platform that I use and recommend to everyone I know. I’ve been using this platform for over 3 years and it’s the one I now call home.

It’s Time to Take Jaaxy for a Spin Yourself!

Are you confident now that you know how to increase traffic for your website free? It’s all about doing great keyword research! Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool for SEO you’ll find online. Are you ready to use it yourself?

Take Jaaxy for a free spin below and get 30 free searches. Search for whatever you like and start creating your list.


I had never heard ofJaaxy until I found the training platform I recommend over all others for building your own online business. Jaaxy and that training community changed everything for me.

I’m still a part of that community today and can’t recommend it highly enough.

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