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How To Create A Blog And Make Money

APP methodIf you’re wanting to create a blog and make money, keep reading.  Understanding how to increase conversion rates is essential to your success. Conversion rate is the percentage of people who become engaged in your content and turn into buyers.

One of the most important things you should know is how to keep your content interesting and engaging.  Your goal is to keep your visitors on your page and that’s not an easy task no matter how well written your article is.

When you have learned to consistently engage your audience by helping them, through your content, with what they are searching for online, you have created a successful, thriving business.

Our goal is always to keep our visitors on our pages but so often, they are greeted by a page that instantly turns them off and they immediately leave without even reading a single line.

If your blog content is properly structured, your content will keep your visitors engaged and connected on your pages and it’s simple to do once you learn how.  I this article I’ll show you exactly how to put this into practice to increase your conversion rates.

When your focus is on helping your visitors and their user experience, you’ll see your conversions start to rise rapidly and this means more money in your bank account.

Perfect Blog Post Structure To Increase Conversion Rates

If you can master the art of writing blog post that consistently make money, you have probably discovered how to write using the perfect blog post structure that delivers.  Follow my simple steps that focus on visitors user experience and you’ll be getting all the traffic and conversions you want in no time.

What Is A Bounce rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of people that go to your site but leave immediately without even looking at any of your post or content as if the site didn’t represent what they thought it was.

You do not want a high bounce rate.  An average bounce rate is 40% – 50%.  A great bounce rate is 20% – 40%, so the key here is to keep your bounce rate low by showing your visitors the value of the content they are going to find here and keeping engaged.

You don’t want to lose your visitors before they view any of your great content.  That’s why we structure our blog post so that the visitor will see that value as soon as they arrive at the top of our page.

Keeping Our Visitors Engaged 

This simple approach may very well be the perfect blog post structure.  This approach is used for improving your bounce rate and turning your traffic into conversions. It’s simple to learn, it’s straightforward, and in its simplicity, there is genius.

When you can keep your audience engaged just seconds longer, you are now at the point of having traffic transitioning to conversions. Consistent conversions bring consistent revenue, and if you’re blogging for business, this is as good as it gets.

The APP method is all about getting to the place where your visitor is engaged long enough to convert. On the internet, you only have a few seconds to work with when it comes to grabbing your audience’s attention. So it’s important to take full advantage of this fact and make that content above the fold that much more attention grabbing.

Above The Fold Content: What Is It

The very first thing you see when you land on a website, without scrolling down, is called above the fold content, and if not done right, this may be the only content your visitor will see.

If you’ve ever landed on a web page and faced a massive block of text, you know how it feels.  Your visitors who encounter that same feeling are probably going to hit the back button immediately and get out of there.

The saying is very true, “first impressions are everything”.  It won’t take that much more time or thought to create some engaging content that will make your visitors feel they are going to get value by staying and checking out the rest of your site.

Creating The Perfect Blog Post Structure

Your goal should be to immediately grab your visitors attention and make them feel welcome on your blog.  You also want to assure them that if they stay and continue down the page they’re going to find real value that they can apply to their use.

You can accomplish this by using The Perfect Blog Post Structure.  This is a three part method that is so simple but has been proven to work so well to not only keep visitors on your site long which gives you a better bounce rate but is also conducive to getting more conversions.

agreeHere’s how it works.


The first part is to catch your readers attention right from the get go by making a statement they will agree with such as this example, “If you’re wanting to create a blog and make money, understanding how to increase a conversion rate is key.”     

If the first thing they see is a statement they agree with, they are probably going to stick around and read more.  After all, they found you through a search.  Using this method will prove that your content contains the answer they were searching for.

Every visitor finding this article is obviously searching for how to increase their conversion rate. This top of the fold statement is direct, to the point, and 100% on topic. The rest of the first paragraph finishes this thought and takes the reader immediately to the second critical part of the APP method, the promise.

promiseThe Promise:

In this second step, you are promising to deliver the answer they were searching for that brought them to your blog.  This step is just as crucial as the first step.  It needs to grab attention and stay on topic.  Keep the delivery clear.  You only have seconds to let them know you are going to give them the answers.  If you don’t they will be gone.

Give them confirmation that they have found the answer.  Here’s an example of the promise that you have the answer, “did you know you can keep your readers engaged and connected by applying the Perfect Blog Post Structure method?

I’m promising the reader, with this statement, that I’m going to answer their questions about how to increase their conversion rate.  I’ll show the visitor how to use this simple method to create The Perfect Blog Post Structure that will engage and keep their visitors on the page so that they can increase their conversion rates.


This third part, The Preview, tells the visitor exactly what they want to hear and why they should scroll down to read more.  You’ve engaged with them and connected with them, you’ve confirmed that you have answers to their questions and you’re assuring them that you are about to deliver the answers.

Now that you’ve got them engaged, you can offer a bit of a tease in this Preview.  You’ve gotten them through the first two crucial steps and they’re likely to stay a little longer, so now you can loosen up just a bit so it’s time to offer a tease to show them what’s coming.

So, now you could say something like, “In this article, I’m going to show you exactly how to increase your conversion rate by using the perfect blog post structure.  I’ll also tell you about a good bounce rate and show you how to keep your visitors connected and engaged”



If you want to keep visitors on your site long enough to get them engaged and interested in what you have to say, you can’t hit them with a wall of content.  You need to open with a friendly greeting and a statement you know they are going to agree with.

You then need to offer them a statement that promises them you have the answers they were searching for and then give them a little preview that shows you really do have answers and your post has value for them.

Tell your visitors about the Perfect Blog Post Structure and show them how they can use this method to decrease bounce rate and increase their conversion rates to make money with their blog.  They came to your site because they wanted to create a blog and make money.

Can you see now, the connection between bounce rate, increasing your traffic and increasing your conversion rate.  Good content insures a great user experience and those visitors will return again and again to see what’s new on your site.

Any successful website should built with the user in mind.

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Learning how to increase conversion rates using the right blog post structure that engages your readers is the foundation to a successful blog. Take a look at your website with the eyes of a new visitor as often as you can.

Think of what works for you when you visit a website for the first time, and pay attention to the things that make you click out of one.

Focus your attention on creating the best user experience possible and all the other things fall into place. A great user experience leads to improved bounce rate. A good bounce rate leads to more and more traffic.

Traffic building over time builds authority and opens the door of opportunity to a good conversion rate. And consistent conversions lead to consistent monthly revenue.

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