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Does Keyword Search Work: Use This Free Tool To Get Ranked #1

I see the question ask a lot by new marketers, does keyword search work.  The answer is, absolutely, when done right, it works.  If your goal is to get ranked in search engines, get visitors to your site and make money, then using the perfect keywords is a must.

In this article I’ll be focusing on leveraging the power of keywords to gain massive free traffic to your website.  If you can get the keywords right you will never need to pay for traffic

What Are Keywords 

Keywords are the words or phrases that people type into the search bar when they are searching for something on Google, Yahoo, or Bing.  A keyword can be a single word or it can be several words connected in a phrase.

keyword Search Pattern

Understanding The Power Of Keywords

People use the search engines to find answers to questions and solutions to problems.  When they type words into the search bar, those words or phrases are called “keywords”.

When you write content on your website you use keywords in your content.  When you use keywords that people have searched for, the search engines will send those people to visit your website.

That’ how you get traffic to your website.  It’s the process of bringing the searcher together with the writer.

You can definitely use Pay-Per-Click campaigns through Google Adsense to pay to get traffic to your website and have your content ranking at the top of the results.

However, when you are just starting out with your online business you’re going to want to focus on getting FREE traffic to your site organically first.

If you don’t learn how to build traffic organically, you can actually lose a LOT of money buying traffic that doesn’t convert because it’s not targeted.

Learn how to develop your traffic flow organically first, learn what converts, and you can always do pay-per-click campaigns later if you want.

Once you start getting traffic flowing to your website, there is no limit to the number of ways you can monetize it.  You can use it to do email campaigns, run adsense and other ads, promote physical or digital products or other services just to name a few.  You can easily turn that traffic into revenue.

This is the reason traffic is so important and it all starts with keyword research.




How To Build Massive Free Traffic

In order to get top ranking of Google’s searches, the key is structuring your content around keywords that bring lots of traffic while having low competition.

Another thing you must keep in mind is that your keyword must make since.  You can’t change the structure of the keyword phrase if you want it to work properly so it has to make since and not sound weird to the reader.

These keywords are called low hanging fruit.  These are keywords that used less or have less competition.  I’ll show you how to find them below using my favorite keyword tool.

I’ll show my #1 recommended keyword research tool that will help you reach the top of the heap in search results for free.

Best Keyword Research Tool

I’ve tried a few keyword research tools but in my opinion, no other comes close to Jaaxy.Jaaxy is your servant for keyword research.  It takes so much of the work of your hands.

Let’s face it, keyword research is one of the most time consuming components of writing content but it is also one of the most important components.

Jaaxy will make it a lot easier.  Let’s get into the details of how Jaaxy works.



How Does Jaaxy Work

Jaaxy is separated into several columns and each column has a specific value when it comes to choosing your keyword.  The first four columns are what I consider to be the most important for selecting low hanging fruit keywords.

Keyword Column:

This column shows a very long list of keyword search results for you to choose from


This column shows you the average number of searches entered in a month for specific word


This column gives the number of visitors we can expect to our website if we on on page one of google for that word


This column shows us how much competition we have for this word.  It shows how many sites randke on google for this keyword


Using these first four columns, you can find your perfect low hanging fruit keywords.  The criteria I like to use for the perfect keyword is:

Average value of 30 or above with less than a hundred QSR but I really strive to have it at more 50/50 (avg over 50/ QSR under 50)

Using these rules consistently will bring you consistent traffic.


KQI & SEO Columns:

The best keywords will show in green under th KQI column, yellow if for normal and red is for poor quality.  I always stick to the ones in green.  These values are based on the overall quality of the keyword.  The closer your score is to a 100 value, the more likely you are to rank on first page of Google.

Domains Column:

This column just shows you what domains are available for that keyword.


Some Other Bells And Whistles Of Jaaxy

Alphabet Soup:

Alphabet Soup allows you to search for related keywords using on the letters of the alphabet. You’ll find hundreds of different variations of your keyword to see if they have a better traffic/competition ratio.

Saved Lists:

This lets you save all your keywords and organize them into categories and lists.

Search History:

Search history is great because sometimes as you start going deeper and deeper into your researching keywords, you can get lost.  This function allows you to backtrack and find your starting point.

Search Analysis:

This feature allows you to analyze your competitors who are ranking for the keyword you’re researching!  It means you can check out the details of the top rated competition. Details include Word Count, Keyword Density, Back links, and more.

Affiliate Programs:

This feature lets you find different affiliate programs related to the keyword you’re researching.


Brainstorm is a great way to see what’s trending and a great way to get ideas for keywords that are popular right now.

Site Rank:

Using the Site Rank tool allows you to see the fruits of your labor. Enter in a keyword and your domain and Site Rank will show you your exact ranking for that keyword.

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